Holland Cooper, AKA - DJ Diesel

Holland Cooper, AKA - DJ Diesel


DJ Diesel, AKA Holland Cooper, has been ripping up the dance floors since 2012. As a kid in rural Pleasanton TX, DJ Diesel was always inspired by the inner workings of the DJ world but didn't have the accessibility until she moved to Austin. In 2010 she took the plunge and began learning and investing in her future as a DJ. Inspired by her own love of music, she was quick to make a leap of faith and started her DJ career. 

Starting out, she was a resident DJ at the Chicago House for the Lesbutante and the Boss social events and quickly started making bookings for other events. She has DJ'd many private, corporate, special events and fundraisers from 2011-current. She maintains that music is the best medicine for the soul. Specializing in all types of music, DJ Diesel is sure to get your body moving and dancing at any of her events. With her fresh take on new and old songs, she has a magical way of getting you out on the dance floor whether you like it or not.

DJ Diesel was a student at DUB Academy here in Austin where she learned from some of the most talented DJ's in the industry and the Austin DJ music scene.